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Dota 2 Patch 7.00, Berikan Scepter Effect Baru dan Hero Talent Tree

dota 2 patch 7.00


Dota 2 Patch 7.00, Berikan Scepter Effect Baru dan Hero Talent Tree

INIGAME.ID – Memasuki Dota 2 Patch 7.00, ada banyak perubahan salah satunya scepter effect baru dan sistem Hero Talent Tree.

Beragam hero mengalami perubahan baik buff & debuff, mulai dari durasinya saja, hingga penambahan scepter.

Berikut INIGAME memberitahukan beberapa perubahan hero Dota 2 yang menarik.


Added a Scepter for Anti-Mage. Causes Spell Shield to passively block and reflect a targeted spell once every 12 seconds. Disabled with Break.

Bounty Hunter

Added Scepter to Bounty Hunter. Allows Shuriken Toss to bounce twice on each hero (bounces on everyone once, then bounces through each one again)

Chaos Knight

Added Scepter. Reduces cooldown by 20 seconds and allows Phantoms to be cast on an allied hero. 1200 Cast Range

Crystal Maiden

Reworked Crystal Maiden Scepter. Now applies Frost Bite to any unit that has been standing in the Freezing Field for over 2.5 seconds. An enemy can only be affected once.

Enigma – New Model

Black Hole now slowly rotates enemy units as it pulls them into the center.

dota 2 enigma new model

Dota 2- Enigma New Model


  • Invoke is no longer an upgradeable ability.
  • Invoke cooldown rescaled from 22/17/12/5 to 6
  • Invoke mana cost rescaled from 20/40/60/80 to 60
  • Invoke no longer consumes mana when only slot positions are updated.
  • Invoke Scepter cooldown rescaled from 16/8/4/2 to 2


Meepo clones now share full attributes without Scepter.


Replaced S4d 1st with a new ability, Ghost Shroud. Turns you Ethereal for 3/3.5/4/4.5 seconds and grants you a 600 AoE slow aura that reduces enemy movement speed by 12/20/28/36%.

While you are in this form you take 20% more magic damage but any HP/MP you heal is amplified by 50%. Cooldown: 28/24/20/16

Phantom Lancer

Added Scepter to Phantom Lancer. Causes Spirit Lance to bounce on nearby enemies. Bounce Range: 400. Bounce cap: 5


Added a Scepter for Riki. Increases ultimate duration by 4 seconds. Allows you to target an allied hero, hiding inside them for the duration. The radius that you attack in follows the allied hero. 1000 Cast Range.

Sand King

Burrow Strike Scepter upgrade no longer applies Caustic Finale on illusions, only real heroes.

Skywrath Mage

Reworked Skywrath Mage’s Scepter. Anytime you cast an ability, a different random nearby target (heroes prioritized) will be targeted within 700 AoE of the target.

For example, if you Ancient Seal a target, you will also Ancient Seal another target.

If you Mystic Flare an area, a random nearby target (heroes prioritized) that isn’t in the existing target area (but is within 700 range from the location) will also be hit.

Slardar – New Model

dota 2 slardar new model

Dota 2- Slardar New Model


Added Scepter to Slark. Reduces ultimate cooldown from 60 to 30 and causes Shadow Dance active to be a 325 AoE, hiding allied heroes underneath it.


Added Scepter to Sniper. Assassinate is now a ground targeted spell with 400 AoE. Upon cast, it locks onto the targets in the area, and after the channel period launches a 2.8x critical strike and procs headshot on the player-controlled units in the AoE. (only affects visible heroes/illusions)


Proximity Mines

  • Land Mines renamed to Proximity Mines
  • Proximity Mines are no longer revealed with True Sight, and instead become visible when there is an enemy within 400 AoE.
  • Proximity Mines detonate whenever an enemy is standing in the AoE for 1.6 seconds (if you walk in and out instantly, it doesn’t explode).
  • Proximity Mines require 1.75 seconds to be active and invisible.
  • Proximity Mines can no longer be auto-attacked (via attack-move).
  • Proximity Mines damage type is now Magical.
  • Proximity Mines cooldown increased from 9/8/7/5 to 12
  • Proximity Mines damage increased from 150/190/225/260 to 225/400/575/750
  • Proximity Mines mana cost is 110/130/150/170.
  • Proximity Mines do full damage in the AoE (rather than half at a certain radius).
  • Proximity Mines can no longer be placed within the active AoE of another Proximity Mine (400 AoE).
  • Proximity Mines have 1 HP.
  • Proximity Mines deal 25% damage to buildings.
  • Proximity Mines bounty changed from 10/14 gold/XP to 30/0
  • Proximity Mines now do damage based on the current level of the ability, rather than its level when placed.
  • Proximity Mines must be directly targeted to be attacked.
  • Quell can no longer target Proximity mines (Quelling Blade, Iron Talon, Battle Fury).

Blast Off

  • Replaced Suicide Squad Attack with Blast Off
  • Blast Off is a 400 AoE spell and has a 1000 cast range; propels you towards the target location and then explodes
  • Blast Off deals 300/400/500/600 Magical damage and silences enemies for 4/5/6/7 seconds.
  • Blast Off deals 50% of your Max HP to yourself upon landing at the destination.
  • Blast Off has a 35 second cooldown.
  • Blast Off has a 1 second cast time.

Statis Trap

  • Stasis Trap now roots enemies instead of stunning.
  • Stasis Trap no longer has a 1.5 detonation delay.
  • Stasis Trap activation time increased from 1.5 to 2
  • Stasis Trap Trigger radius reduced from 450 to 400
  • Stasis Trap effect radius increased from 450 to 600
  • Stasis Trap root duration is 2/3/4/5.
  • Stasis Trap no longer expire.
  • Stasis Trap no longer gives vision, but reveals the area upon detonation.

Treant Protector

Nature’s Guise is now a passive ability. Whenever you are within 265 range of a tree for 6/5/4/3 seconds (without attacking), you gain invisibility and 16/22/28/34% movement speed bonus.

When you attack out of invisibility, you bash the target for 1/1.4/1.8/2.2 seconds. Distance-to-tree check still has a 0.75 grace period before invisibility is removed. Your attack out of invisibility cannot miss. You can cast while invisible.

Viper – New Model

dota 2 viper new model

Dota 2- Viper New Model


Reworked Zeus Scepter. Grants you a new ability, Nimbus, that creates a storm cloud anywhere on the map.

The cloud casts Lightning Bolt automatically on a random enemy within 500 AoE once every 2.5 seconds (scales with cooldown reduction).

Clouds last 50 seconds. Cooldown: 50, Mana cost: 275. Requires 8 hits from ranged heroes to kill (4 from melee heroes, 16 from non-heroes), and has a 100 gold bounty. Nimbus summon is a global cast range.

Di samping perubahan hero seperti di atas, terdapat juga penambahan sistem baru yaitu Hero Talent Tree.

Di mana gamers akan memberikan skill tambahan untuk hero di level 10/15/20/25, sehingga gamers lebih bisa menyesuaikan hero dengan kondisi permainan.

Lebih lengkapnya gamers dapat membacanya melalui blog Dota 2.

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